AVENUE’s consortium meets with representatives from Stavanger and Tallinn

Nommon and Populus held a workshop in Stavanger from 25 to 26 of August to present AVENUE.

At the end of August, Nommon and Populus travelled to Tallinn and Stavanger to meet with city representatives from both cities to gather some feedback on the AI4Cities’ solution, AVENUE.

The consortium, which was selected to move on to Phase 3 of the European programme last April, organised two workshops to present to both cities and shared mobility operators the solution’s prototype, to explain them how the AI-based tool has been developed, and to show how AVENUE will help to assess and monitor the carbon footprint impact of different shared mobility regulatory frameworks and policy strategies. 

The workshops were divided into four sessions:

  • Tool feedback: During this first session the end users were able to share their functional and non-functional feedback about AVENUE functionalities, use cases, and AI models implemented.
  • Shared mobility city regulations: The second session was focused on the discussion of   existing and future regulations established in both cities. Also, an overview on standard communication formats such as MDS and GBFS was given.
  • Commercialisation: The objective of the third session was to gather information about the willingness to pay for a tool like AVENUE by the cities, and understand the process and timeline for a potential procurement.
  • Meeting with shared mobility operators: Shared mobility operators were invited to the final session of the workshop. Voi and Tier representatives were able to participate in Stavanger’s session. During the session, different potential use cases were presented and its usefulness for cities and operators was discussed. This session was of great importance as the sustainability of these modes relies to a large extent on the alignment of the objectives of cities and operators.

In the following months, Nommon and Populus will keep working together to refine the AVENUE solution thanks to the valuable feedback gathered in Tallinn and Stavanger and to present the final results during the final event of AI4Cities, which will be held in Amsterdam in October.