Our Vision

Many of the major challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century are related to social, socio-technical and socio-ecological systems that exhibit complex behaviour. Financial markets, energy supply, climate change or urban planning are relevant examples. In these and other fields, decision makers have to deal with systems composed of a large number of heterogeneous actors and elements which interact with and adapt to each other, giving rise to a systemic behaviour that cannot be understood from the properties of the single components. In other words, decision makers have to deal with complex systems.

We believe it is time for decision makers to move beyond traditional approaches to create sustainable value under conditions of uncertainty and complexity. Our solutions borrow and adapt methods and tools from complex systems science to integrate aspects such as the heterogeneity of the system components, their ability to make decisions and adapt to a changing environment, the bounded rationality of human decisions, the intrinsic uncertainty associated to many physical and social processes, and the resulting emergent behaviour.

The multidimensional nature of the questions we address demands a holistic, interdisciplinary approach. Interdisciplinarity is reflected in all aspects of Nommon, from the composition of our team to the facilitation and fostering of dialogue and collaboration between people and organisations with different background and interests. Our wide network of partners both from industry and academia is a vital part of our strategy, and we are firmly convinced that connections between seemingly disconnected disciplines constitute a powerful source of innovation and a key condition for value creation.

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