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Research projects

>> Sustainable cities and integrated urban planning


INSIGHT (Innovative Policy Modelling and Governance Tools for Sustainable Post-Crisis Urban Development) was a research project funded under the ICT Theme of the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme. The goal of INSIGHT was to investigate how ICT, with particular focus on data science and complexity theory, can help European cities formulate and evaluate policies to stimulate a balanced economic recovery and a sustainable urban development. Case studies focused on Barcelona, London, Rotterdam and Madrid. Find more at www.insight-fp7.eu


EUNOIA (Evolutive User-Centric Networks for Intraurban Accessibility) was a research project funded under the ICT Theme of the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme. The goal of EUNOIA was to take advantage of the opportunities brought by smart city technologies and the most recent advances in complex systems science to develop new urban models and ICT tools empowering city governments and their citizens to design better mobility policies. Case studies focused on Barcelona, London and Zurich. Find more at www.eunoia-project.eu

>> Sustainable air transport







PRETA (Machine Learning Techniques forATM Pre-Tactical Traffic Forecast) is a CDTI research project (IDI-20190029) co-funded by the Spanish Pluri-Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 of the European Regional Development Fund (EDRF). The project aims to develop a demand prediction tool for the pre-tactical phase using data analytics and machine learning techniques. The budget of the project is 482,365 € and it will be carried out in Madrid from october 2018 to april 2020.

BigData4ATM (Passenger-centric Big Data Sources for Socio-economic and Behavioural Research in ATM) is a project funded under SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research which aims to investigate how new sources of passenger-centric data coming from smart personal devices can be analysed to extract relevant information about passengers’ behaviour and inform ATM decision making processes. Find more at www.bigdata4atm.eu

INTUIT (Interactive Toolset for Understanding Trade-offs in ATM Performance) is a project funded under SESAR Exploratory Research programme which aims to explore the potential of visual analytics and machine learning to improve our understanding of the trade-offs between Air Traffic Management KPAs, identify cause-effect relationships between performance drivers and indicators at different scales, and develop new decision support tools for ATM performance management. Find more at www.intuit-sesar.eu

COMPAIR (Competition for Air Traffic Management) is a project funded under SESAR Exploratory Research programme. The goal of COMPAIR is to study various institutional and market design approaches for introducing competition for en-route ATM services, in order to assess their potential contribution to the European Single European Sky objectives. Find more at www.compair-project.eu

ACCESS (Application of Agent-Based Computational Economics to Strategic Slot Allocation) was a project within SESAR WPE Long Term and Innovative Research which addressed airport slot allocation from the perspective of complex adaptive systems. The project developed an agent-based model of the air transport network that was used to evaluate different designs of market-based mechanisms for airport slot allocation. Find more at www.access-sesar.eu