Strategic advisory

Scenario planning and backcasting

Studies of transport technology adoption

Multicriteria evaluation and cost-benefit analysis for transport policy assessment

Most of our daily activities result in a derived demand for mobility, which makes transport a vital factor for the development of our societies. Transport is not only a powerful tool for societal transformation, but also a vibrant market hungry for innovative solutions, which attracts the attention of numerous stakeholders. Global challenges such as climate change, disruptive events like the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing technological revolution are leading to an increasingly uncertain future for the transport industry. In this context, transport stakeholders need to anticipate different possible futures and develop resilient and adaptive strategies able to cope with a fast changing environment.

Shaping the mobility of the future

Nommon combines evidence-based and data-driven analyses, scenario planning and backcasting methodologies, cutting-edge simulation techniques such as agent-based modelling and participatory processes for stakeholder engagement to provide our clients with actionable insights on the future of transport systems.