Nommon provides decision support tools and consulting services for the design, optimisation, and management of socio-technical systems.

We apply the state of the art in complex systems science and information technologies to integrate analytical and simulation models with supporting databases, offering our customers virtual laboratories to assess the impact of a set of potential strategies under different scenarios. Our tools mine real-world data sets to seek apparently hidden relations in the behaviour of complex socio-technical systems. These relations are then translated into predictive models to analyse the cause-effect relationships between control variables and performance indicators, the resulting costs and benefits, and the potentially contradictory short and long term effects of a specific strategy.


We work in sectors dealing with systems whose performance emerges from the complex interaction of interdependent policies and regulatory regimes, demographic and sociological trends, infrastructures, technologies, and market conditions:


  • Transport

  • Smart cities and urban planning

  • Logistics and supply chain

  • Energy and environment

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