Nommon Lab

Leveraging artificial intelligence to transform businesses
Nommon Lab develops data science solutions for public and private organisations working in the fields of smart cities & urban planning, retail & geomarketing, logistics & supply chain, energy & environment, and more generally in any domain where geospatial data play a relevant role.

Technologies like the Internet of Things, personal mobile devices and social media are generating an unprecedented amount of spatio-temporal data with the potential to provide valuable insights for decision making. While geospatial analysis has been used for a long time, the explosion of big data has opened new opportunities to transform businesses. However, in most industries the use of big data analytics is still in its infancy, with most applications being limited to descriptive statistics.

Over the past few years, Nommon has built a successful track record in building, exploiting and maintaining predictive models and decision support tools fuelled by a combination of the activity-mobility information produced by Nommon Mobility Analytics and other data sources publicly available or coming directly from our clients. Our Nommon Lab business unit was created with the goal of leveraging Nommon’s experience in spatial analysis and predictive modelling to co-create innovative solutions with our clients and launch strategic data analytics projects that may eventually become the seed of new product lines.