Predictive models and decision support tools to boost air transport performance
Nommon’s Aviation business unit provides data analytics services, predictive modelling and decision support tools for the planning and management of airports, airlines and air traffic management systems.

The growing demand for air travel, infrastructure constraints, increasing traveller expectations, the pressing need to reduce aviation emissions and the emergence of new market entrants, such as commercial drone operators, are putting an ever increasing pressure on the aviation industry, calling for disruptive solutions able to boost the performance of air transport operations. 

Although technological change in aviation has historically developed at a slower pace than in other industries, due to factors ranging from the very demanding safety requirements to the constraints in legacy systems and the interdependencies between ground and airborne technologies, the air transport sector is no exception in today’s digital age: just as in other areas of transportation, digital transformation is at the top of the agenda for all aviation stakeholders. Digitalisation is seen as one of the pillars of the airport of the future, airlines are investing a significant amount of resources in leveraging digital technologies to increase passenger satisfaction and improve profitability, and digitalisation and automation are playing an increasingly prominent role in ongoing air traffic management modernisation programmes like SESAR and NextGen. 

Nommon brings together its expertise in big data analytics and artificial intelligence with an in-depth knowledge of the air transport industry to help aviation stakeholders increase revenues, improve the safety, predictability, and efficiency of air transport operations, reduce the impact of aviation on the environment, optimise the integration between air transport and other transport modes, and enhance the quality of the passenger experience.