Mobility Analytics

Activity and mobility insights from mobile location data
Nommon Mobility Analytics specialises in the analysis of anonymised geolocation data from mobile devices to provide private companies and public sector organisations with meaningful and actionable information about people’s activity and mobility patterns.

The fields of application of Nommon Mobility Analytics products are diverse: travel demand information is an essential input for transport planning and traffic management projects; tourists’ activity and mobility patterns have profound implications for the planning of infrastructure and services as well as for the development of tourism marketing strategies; understanding the spatial behaviour of customers is key to optimise product distribution, commercialisation and advertising, determine the location of a new retail facility, or maximise the return on investment of marketing activities.

In these and other fields, traditional data collection methods, mainly based on surveys, counts and administrative registers, provide valuable information, but they suffer from a number of major shortcomings. Surveys are expensive and time-consuming, limiting the size of the sample and the frequency with which information is updated, which adds to intrinsic limitations such as the dependence on users’ availability and willingness to answer and the risk of incorrect or imprecise answers. Administrative registers provide cross-sectional data, which lacks relevant information on dynamic variables such as the evolution of the population that is present in a study area throughout the day. Manual and automated counts can mitigate this problem, but they provide very limited information on the socioeconomic characteristics of the users. 

In recent years, the pervasive use of geolocated devices in our daily activities has opened new opportunities to overcome these limitations. The possibility of collecting detailed spatio-temporal data on human activities in a continuous manner and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods opens the door to numerous applications.