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Mobility Analytics

Activity and mobility insights from mobile location data

Nommon Mobility Analytics specialises in the analysis of anonymised geolocation data from mobile devices and merges them with more conventional data to generate meaningful and actionable information about people’s activity and mobility patterns.

Nommon Mobility Analytics has been a pioneer at European level in the processing of anonymised mobile network data and other data from geolocated mobile devices to obtain mobility and presence indicators. In the past 10 years, our Mobility Insights and Population Insights solutions have been used by about 100 different clients in a variety of countries. Our mobility analytics technology is built on the combination of Nommon’s capabilities to analyse large amounts of spatio-temporal data and a profound knowledge of the sectors in which we operate, and is widely acknowledged as one of the most advanced of its kind worldwide. The fields of application of Nommon Mobility Analytics products are diverse, including transport planning and traffic management, environmental studies, tourism, real estate, retail and geomarketing, among others.

Transport Systems

Data-driven models for the mobility of the future

Our Transport Systems business unit provides decision support products and services for the transportation sector based on non-conventional data sources and innovative modelling approaches, with particular focus on emerging mobility concepts and technologies.

Nommon Transport Systems leverages the high-quality, high resolution travel demand information produced by our Mobility Analytics business unit and combines it with predictive modelling and optimisation techniques to provide innovative tools for the planning and management of transport services. Nommon Transport Systems offers three main products: Transit Insights, which provides a permanently updated picture of the use of public transport services based on smart payment data; WiseTransit, a decision support tool for the strategic and tactical planning of public transport networks based on the accurate forecasting of expected travel demand; and WiseRide, which supports shared mobility operators and local authorities in designing and implementing efficient and sustainable shared mobility systems.


Predictive models and decision support tools to boost air transport performance

Nommon’s Aviation business unit provides data analytics services, predictive modelling and decision support tools for the planning and management of airports, airlines and air traffic management systems.

Our Aviation business unit integrates Nommon’s expertise in big data analytics and artificial intelligence with a deep understanding of the air transport industry to help aviation stakeholders increase revenues, improve the safety, predictability and efficiency of air transport operations, reduce the impact of aviation on the environment, optimise the integration of air transport with other transport modes, and enhance the passenger experience. Over the last ten years, Nommon Aviation has been a key player in the SESAR programme, exploring the application of big data and artificial intelligence to a variety of air transport and air traffic management problems. This research effort has led to the development of solutions like WisePax, our passenger intelligence platform for smart airports.  Additionally, Nommon Aviation profits from the synergies with our Mobility Analytics and Transport Systems business units to provide innovative solutions in areas such as intermodality and urban air mobility.

Nommon Lab

Leveraging artificial intelligence to transform businesses

Nommon Lab develops data science solutions for public and private organisations working in the fields of smart cities & urban planning, retail & geomarketing, logistics & supply chain, energy & environment, and more generally in any domain where geospatial data play a relevant role.

Our Nommon Lab business unit was created with the goal of leveraging Nommon’s experience in spatial analysis and predictive modelling to co-create innovative solutions with our clients and launch strategic data analytics projects that may eventually become the seed of new product lines. Conceived as an internal innovation lab, the unit tackles new challenges where the big data sources and modelling techniques that form the core of our knowledge base can lead to innovative solutions.  Among other products, Nommon Lab has developed InSite, a state-of-the-art location intelligence tool that supports businesses in the optimisation of site planning and expansion strategies.