Passenger-centric optimisation of public transport services


WiseTransit integrates high resolution mobility data with cutting edge machine learning and optimisation techniques to provide public transport operators and authorities with accurate forecasts of passenger flows and help them optimise their service in response to the expected travel demand. From planning through operations, WiseTransit supports the tasks of designing routes and schedules and developing real-time re-planning and vehicle dispatching strategies.

Key features

  • Strategic demand analysis: monitoring and forecasting of actual and latent demand.
  • Route planning, schedule planning and fleet assignment: in the planning phase, WiseTransit optimises network design, timetable schedules and fleet planning and assignment based on the expected passenger demand, according to the objective function (e.g., maximise the number of passengers served, maximise profit) and the constraints (e.g., available resources, quality of service) defined by the user.
  • Short-term passenger flow prediction: during operations, WiseTransit uses a combination of historical and real-time data to provide accurate forecasts of passenger flows in a given look-ahead window.
  • Real-time re-planning and dispatching: short-term passenger flow predictions are used to dynamically adjust schedules to provide the best possible trade-off between service level and cost-efficiency KPIs.

After more than 20 years developing technology for public transport network planning, I am firmly convinced that the next big leap in the field will have to do with the ability to better understand, predict, drive and adapt to passenger needs and preferences. WiseTransit puts Nommon’s mobility analytics technology and predictive modelling capabilities at the service of this goal. Particularly interesting is, in my view, the opportunity to help transport authorities and operators attract more passengers to public transport at a time when this is more necessary than ever.

Rubén Artime
Transport Systems Director at Nommon


Network design

Public authorities and transport agencies can use WiseTransit to design public transport networks that ensure adequate levels of accessibility and maximise the use of public transport in an effective and efficient manner.

Service optimisation

Public transport operators can also use WiseTransit to render their services more responsive to passenger demand, ensuring the required levels of service while making the most efficient use of their resources.

Concession bidding

WiseTransit helps public transport operators to offer services that are better adapted to the actual mobility needs of the population and back this up with robust evidence, providing a source of competitive advantage when bidding for transport concessions.

Key benefits

  • Increase the attractiveness and sustainability of public transport.
  • Optimise the use of resources to meet passenger demand, ensure quality of service and maximise profit.
  • Improve the chances of success in concession tenders.

What we deliver (and how)

  • WiseTransit can be provided as a stand-alone SaaS solution or as plug-and-play modules that can be easily integrated through Nommon WiseTransit API.
  • An interactive user interface enables the exploration and graphical representation of results and the automatic generation of customised reports.