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High-quality information and travel demand modelling to plan and manage future mobility

Who we work with

  • Transport planning authorities
  • Traffic management agencies
  • Infrastructure managers
  • Transport operators and concessionaires
  • Mobility service providers
  • Consultants

How can we help?

Automation and digitalisation are rapidly changing the transport sector, modifying travel behaviour and giving rise to a multitude of new mobility solutions. Dealing with this increasingly complex and uncertain landscape calls for new tools that enable the continuous monitoring of mobility patterns, the early detection of changes and trends, and the assessment of alternative policies and management actions under different future scenarios.

Our solutions give an answer to these pressing needs: Mobility Insights and Transit Insights exploit new big data sources, in particular mobile network data and smart payment data, to provide high-quality, high-resolution travel demand information; WiseTransit builds on this information to produce accurate demand forecasts for public transport services and optimise network planning and schedule design; WiseRide leverages the most recent advances in the modelling of the adoption and use of new transport services to support the planning and operation of shared mobility systems.

Our products

Best-in-class origin-destination matrices from mobile network data

Analysing public transport demand with smart payment data

Passenger-centric optimisation of public transport services

Planning and managing shared mobility services through AI-powered demand modelling

Crafting innovative solutions based on geospatial big data and predictive analytics

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