Company History

A continuous search for excellence and innovation

  • Ricardo Herranz and Manuel Álvarez founded Nommon on 3rd April 2012.
  • We establish our office in a business centre in central Madrid.
  • Nommon is awarded a 375 k€ research grant through the FP7 project EUNOIA. Nommon’s research activities within EUNOIA focus on how to make use of mobile phone records and other innovative data sources to extract travel demand information that is useful for transport planning and modelling.



  • We get our first major contract in the aviation domain, the ACCESS project, where we developed an agent-based simulation model of the European air transport system aimed at evaluating different market-based mechanisms for airport slot allocation.
  • The research work conducted in EUNOIA leads to a first prototype solution for the extraction of mobility and travel demand information from mobile phone records. With the aim to jointly explore the opportunities for the commercialisation of the newly developed technology, we establish a strategic alliance with Luis Willumsen.
  • Nommon reaches a collaboration agreement with Orange Spain to provide mobility information extracted from Orange’s mobile network data.
  • We launch our first pilot project for the generation of origin-destination matrices from mobile phone records. The project is conducted in collaboration with the Madrid Regional Transport Authority, which carries out a thorough evaluation of the information provided by Nommon and confirms that the technology is ready for use in transport planning projects.



  • We create Kineo Mobility Analytics, a joint company by Nommon and Luis Willumsen, to commercialise our solutions for the provision of mobility and travel demand information based on anonymised geolocation data from personal mobile devices.
  • We are awarded three SESAR Exploratory Research projects: COMPAIR, INTUIT and BigData4ATM. In total, we receive around 600 k€ funding for research in air transport, which boosts our activities in the aviation domain.
  • Nommon reaches an agreement with Entel to provide mobility and travel demand information extracted from mobile phone records in the Chilean market.
  • We launch the first edition of Nommon’s Annual Event, which over the past years has established itself as a meeting place and discussion forum for transport planning practitioners and researchers in Spain.



  • The Spanish Ministry of Transport selects the consortium formed by Nommon and Orange Spain to carry out the Study of Interurban Passenger Mobility based on Big Data Technologies. The goal of the project, at the time the most complex and ambitious of its kind worldwide, was to estimate origin-destination matrices between NUTS-3 areas in Spain, segmented by transport mode and trip purpose, replacing the traditional long-distance national travel survey.
  • Nommon and Kineo Mobility Analytics merge into a single company, with the aim to exploit the synergies between both teams and offer a more comprehensive product portfolio and new value-added services. Kineo becomes Nommon’s Mobility Analytics Business Unit. 
  • We create our Aviation Business Unit, aiming at capitalising on the research and development work conducted in previous years, mainly in the context of the SESAR programme, to bring new products and services into the market.
  • We create Nommon’s Transport & Mobility Business Unit, devoted to exploring the development of innovative solutions for the planning and management of transport and traffic systems, with particular focus on emerging technologies and new mobility concepts.



  • We create Nommon’s Analytics Accelerator, in charge of exploring and developing new business opportunities in areas not covered by the existing business units. The first client of this new business unit is McDonald’s Spain, which selects Nommon as the supplier of its new decision support tool for the opening of new restaurants.
  • A consortium formed by Norconsult and Nommon is selected by Nye Veier analyse mobility patterns in Norway’s road network using anonymised mobile phone records. We obtain the maximum score in the technical evaluation, ahead of 9 other suppliers, confirming once again that Nommon Mobility Analytics technology is among the most advanced of its kind worldwide.
  • We are awarded 6 new SESAR Exploratory Research projects: AICHAIN, BEACON, IMHOTEP, ITACA, NOSTROMO and TRANSIT. The new projects reinforce Nommon’s position as one of the European leaders in the application of data science and artificial intelligence to air traffic management problems.
  • The Spanish Government selects Nommon Mobility Analytics technology to monitor the evolution of mobility patterns during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • We reach new mobile data access agreements in the UK, Brazil and Colombia.