Smart cities

Artificial intelligence at the service of smart, liveable and sustainable cities

Who we work with

  • Cities and regions
  • Urban planners
  • Environmental agencies
  • Consultants
  • Service providers

How can we help?

The concept of the smart city emerged at the beginning of the 21st century as a fusion of ideas about how information and communication technologies can improve the functioning of cities, enhancing their efficiency, increasing their competitiveness, facilitating the transition towards more sustainable development paths, and improving quality of life. 

Central to the smart city concept is the idea of analysing the increasingly large data streams generated by digital technologies to inform decision making. The convergence of big data and urban modelling — sometimes included under the umbrella term urban analytics — opens up new possibilities to monitor, understand and predict the evolution of urban settings and to better plan and manage our cities. 

Nommon works together with municipal authorities and private sector organisations to provide them with urban analytics solutions, such as Mobility Insights and Population Insights, that help them understand urban dynamics and make more informed decisions, from long-term planning (e.g., investments in new urban infrastructure, optimisation of facility location) through real-time monitoring and control (e.g., traffic, air quality, energy, water and waste). We also provide decision support tools for the design of smart public transport services (Transit Insights, WiseTransit) and emergent mobility solutions (WiseRide).

Our products

Best-in-class origin-destination matrices from mobile network data

Leveraging mobile location data to understand visitor footfall and customer behaviour

Analysing public transport demand with smart payment data

Passenger-centric optimisation of public transport services

Planning and managing shared mobility services through AI-powered demand modelling

Crafting innovative solutions based on geospatial big data and predictive analytics

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