Passenger intelligence for the smart airport of the future


WisePax provides airport operators with detailed, accurate, up-to-date information on passenger flows, passenger profiles and travel behaviour. The use of anonymised mobile location data and its fusion with a variety of other sources (e.g., flight data, ticketing data, passenger surveys, boarding card reader data) enables the analysis of the door-to-door passenger journey with an unprecedented level of detail, providing key insights for route development, airport access planning, passenger flow management and non-aeronautical revenue maximisation.

Key features

  • Monitoring of actual and latent demand, including passengers using competing airports and alternative transport modes (e.g., high-speed rail).
  • Detailed characterisation of the passenger journey: origin, destination, door-to-door travel time, trip purpose.
  • Passenger profiling: age, gender, income, place of residence.
  • Analysis of passenger access behaviour: time of departure, time of arrival at the airport, surface access mode, use of parking facilities.
  • Analysis of passenger behaviour within the terminal: time of arrival at the airport, arrival at security, time spent in the shopping area.

Many airports have recently embraced big data analytics to understand current and future passenger behaviour. What makes WisePax different from other passenger intelligence solutions is its ability to monitor door-to-door passenger behaviour. Thanks to the use of anonymised mobile location data and Nommon’s widely recognised mobility analytics technology, WisePax not only provides an integrated, consistent view of ground access behaviour and passenger itinerary within the airport terminal, but it also helps airports identify and attract uncaptured demand.

David Mocholí
Aviation Director at Nommon


Market analysis and route development

Optimisation of existing routes, identification of new routes and analysis of connection opportunities.

Accessibility and intermodality studies

Improvement of airport ground access and development of intermodal solutions.

Resource planning and passenger flow management

Identification of bottlenecks, demand-based resource allocation and management of overcrowding.

Optimisation of non-aeronautical revenues

Smart parking pricing, management of retail spaces, targeted advertisements.

Key benefits

  • Attraction of new routes.
  • Expansion of airport catchment area.
  • Reduction of the environmental impact of airport surface access.
  • Reduction of operational costs.
  • Improvement of passenger experience.
  • Increase of non-aeronautical revenue.

What we deliver (and how)

  • WisePax is provided as a SaaS solution.
  • An interactive user interface enables the exploration and graphical representation of results and the automatic generation of customised reports.
  • WisePax can be easily integrated with other airport systems through Nommon WisePax API.