Understanding and predicting tourist behaviour

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Understanding and predicting tourists’ activity and travel patterns is essential both for policy making (e.g., to plan transport systems and other public services, or to manage attractions and crowds at interest points) as well as for tourism operators’ competitiveness (e.g., by allowing them to offer tailor-made plans for visitors). 

Traditional tourism statistics based on observations and surveys present inherent limitations, and they are expensive and time-consuming; data can also be collected from hotels and other accommodation providers, but these data are typically incomplete (they do not take into account travellers visiting relatives or friends, informal accommodation such as Airbnb, etc.).

Nommon takes advantage of the pervasive penetration of geolocated devices and the extensive use of e-services for planning travels and booking holidays to collect rich data on tourist behaviour and overcome many of these limitations. Nommon’s Mobility Insights solution provides detailed information of tourists’ travel behaviour, while Population Insights helps answer questions such as what places are chosen by tourists to spend the night, how they use public space, and how much time they spend in different areas of a city or region.

Our products

Best-in-class origin-destination matrices from mobile network data

Leveraging mobile location data to understand visitor footfall and customer behaviour

Crafting innovative solutions based on geospatial big data and predictive analytics

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