Transit Insights

Analysing public transport demand with smart payment data


Nommon Transit Insights is a software platform that integrates data from smart fare collection systems, vehicle location systems and automatic passenger counters to provide transport planning authorities and public transport operators with an accurate, reliable and permanently updated picture of public transport demand, allowing them to plan and adjust services accordingly.

Key features

  • Origin-destination matrices of public transport trips
  • Analysis of transfer points and linked legs
  • Trip rates
  • Travel times
  • Passenger load factors
  • User profiling
  • Trip purpose
  • Trip frequency
  • Fusion with other data sources to estimate catchment areas and latent demand

We have observed a growing trend in the combined use of our Transit Insights and Mobility Insights solutions. More and more cities and regions around the world are realising the enormous potential of fusing mobile network data and smart payment data: the combination of both data sources provides the best possible picture of the evolution of mobility patterns and travel demand, facilitating the early detection of changes in modal preferences, enabling a cost-effective recalibration of strategic transport models, and ultimately supporting the formulation of better public transport policies.

Javier Burrieza
Senior Business Development Engineer at Nommon


Transport planning

Nommon Transit Insights enables transport authorities to understand the behaviour of public transport users in a city or region, helping them improve the usage and the level of services of public transport systems.

Transport modelling

Nommon Transit Insights can be used in conjunction with Nommon Mobility Insights to obtain accurate trip matrices of urban and metropolitan areas segmented by transport mode.

Transport operations

Transport operators can use Nommon Transit Insights to monitor service usage and dynamically adjust supply according to the evolving behaviour of demand.

Key benefits

  • Accurate, detailed, continuously updated data on the usage of public transport systems.
  • Reliable, extensively validated algorithms for the estimation of alighting stops.
  • Easy and fast access to information.
  • Customisable reports and visualisations facilitate the exploration and interpretation of results.
  • Possibility of integration with Nommon Mobility Insights to obtain multimodal origin-destination matrices.

What we deliver (and how)

  • Nommon Transit Insights can be accessed as a SaaS solution or deployed on premise.
  • Public transport demand indicators can be delivered in different formats (CSV, JSON…) according to client needs.
  • Easy integration with other systems through Nommon Transit Insights API.
  • Interactive visualisation tool for data exploration and analysis available as an option.
  • Complementary consulting services are available upon request (e.g., support for using the public transport demand data generated by Nommon Transit Insights in the development of transport models).