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Mobility Analytics Director

  • Job ID: 2024-05
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Job Type: Full time

The planning and management of transport infrastructures and services requires accurate, reliable and updated information about the mobility patterns of the population. In recent years, the pervasive use of geolocated devices in our daily activities has enabled new forms of collecting this information. The abundance of data opens exciting opportunities, but it also requires the development of advanced methods and algorithms for the analysis and fusion of heterogeneous data sources, including data from mobile network operators, GPS traces, ticketing systems and traffic counts.

Over the past decade, Nommon has been a pioneer in the application of big data to travel behaviour analysis. Since its creation in 2015, our Mobility Analytics business unit has developed a variety of cutting-edge solutions that mine and analyse anonymised geolocation data from mobile devices and blend them with other data provided by our clients or available from public databases to provide high-quality trip matrices and other mobility indicators. An ambitious research and development strategy has put Nommon at the forefront of innovation in the mobility analytics market and has led to continuous growth.

As part of our expansion plans, driven by internationalisation and product scalability, we are looking for an experienced professional (+15 years’ experience) to lead Nommon’s Mobility Analytics Business Unit.

Job description

The candidate will lead a multidisciplinary team working on the continuous improvement of Nommon’s mobility analytics technology as well as on applying our Mobility Insights and Population Insights solutions to a variety of problems related with the analysis of mobility and travel demand. Responsibilities include:

  • Plan and manage the growth of Nommon’s Mobility Analytics business unit, including the recruitment and mentoring of new staff.
  • Lead the definition of innovative products, services, and business models.
  • Develop and implement Mobility Insights’ and Population Insights’ product roadmaps, ensuring their alignment with the strategic goals of the company.
  • Work in collaboration with our Business Development team to design and execute a strategy that drives substantial growth of Nommon Mobility Analytics’ products in existing and new markets.
  • Contribute to the preparation of tenders and research proposals.
  • Oversee the execution of a wide range of R&D and consulting projects.

Qualifications and skills


  • MSc/PhD in a relevant scientific field, preferably with a background in transport engineering.
  • 15+ years of experience with a proven track record at senior technical management level.
  • Experience in mentoring and developing junior engineers.
  • Familiarity with the policy environment and key stakeholders of the transport sector.
  • Excellent understanding of transport planning and modelling.
  • Strong analytical and mathematical background.
  • Outstanding technical writing skills and ability to prepare complex technical documents.
  • Experience in leading technology development and/or transport consulting projects.
  • Team orientation and ability to interface effectively with all levels of the organisation.
  • Excellent English and Spanish oral and written communication skills.

Nice to have, but not indispensable:

  • Experience/knowledge in the development of transport models.
  • Experience/knowledge in the use of new data sources (e.g., mobile network data, GPS tracks, Bluetooth, public transport smart card data) for the analysis of mobility and travel demand.
  • Experience/knowledge in software engineering processes, procedures, methodologies and tools.

Salary and benefits

  • Annual salary: 70.000 – 90.000 € + Company stock options.
  • Long term and stable position.
  • Regular performance and salary reviews.
  • Flexible working hours and possibility to work remotely up to 2 days per week.

How to apply

We always reach out to all applicants, so wait for our call or e-mail over the next few days after your application is submitted.