Nommon becomes the Spanish company with the most basic research projects in the European Union’s air traffic modernization program

21.10.2020 · Aviation

Nommon becomes the Spanish company with the most basic research projects in the European Union’s air traffic modernization program
  • The Spanish technology company achieved a record of eight projects in the last SESAR 2020 call of the European Union, which explores the application of emerging technologies to air traffic management.
  • All these initiatives reach a budget of almost 3 million euros for this technological start-up.
  • These projects consolidate Nommon as a leading company in the application of artificial intelligence in the aviation sector.

Nommon, a technology company specializing in the development of solutions that apply big data and artificial intelligence to mobility analysis and planning, has been awarded eight European research projects on air traffic management (ATM) in the last call of SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research. Nommon thus becomes one of the leading European companies in the research of new ideas, concepts and technologies for the air traffic system of the future.

All these projects will involve around 3 million euros of financing, “which will boost the activities of our Aviation business unit and will help us to accelerate our product development roadmap”, highlights Ricardo Herranz, CEO of Nommon.

Rubén Alcolea, Director of Aviation at Nommon, explained that “these eight projects in which we participate represent around 25% of the total budget of the program, which positions us as a benchmark company in the application of data analysis and simulation technologies to a variety of problems related to air traffic”. 

Of the eight projects awarded, Nommon leads four of them. The ongoing projects in which Nommon participates are the following:

  • TRANSIT and IMHOTEP, both coordinated by Nommon, will seek new solutions for intermodality at airports.
  • ITACA, also led by Nommon, will develop an agent-based model to explore different policies aimed at accelerating the adoption of new ATM technologies.
  • AICHAIN ​​will explore an innovative federated machine learning architecture for trajectory prediction enabled by Blockchain technologies.
  • BEACON will apply behavioral economics to analyse new concepts and algorithms for prioritizing flights in congestion situations.
  • NOSTROMO will allow us to continue the ATM system performance modeling work started in previous projects such as INTUIT.

In addition to these projects, other projects will begin in January 2021: SIMBAD, also coordinated by Nommon, which will explore new paradigms of air traffic simulation based on artificial intelligence techniques, and USEPE, which will address the integration of drones in urban airspace.

SESAR is the technological pillar of the Single European Sky (SES) initiative and is in charge of coordinating all EU research and development activities in the field of air traffic management. SESAR’s Exploratory Research encompasses a wide range of areas of study aimed at fostering innovative ideas to transform air traffic management in Europe. Specifically, a total of 38.5 million euros have been allocated to research under the budget of the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union.