We are interested in adapting the state of the art of complex system science to understand the dynamics of socio-technical systems and improve the way they are designed and managed. We investigate how to build comprehensive models able to capture crucial features of socio-technical systems typically ignored by traditional approaches: decentralised decision making, partial or uncertain information, unpredictable events, or interactions at different spatial and temporal scales. A particularly important focus of our research is to analyse, visualise and make sense of large amounts of heterogeneous data to shed light on complex system dynamics.

We develop our research activities by working in open partnership with other organisations: universities, research centers, SMEs, industry, public bodies, NGOs. We prioritise the development of our research agenda through international, collaborative R&D projects, teaming up with world-class institutions and companies and getting our clients actively involved in the development of our solutions. We also participate in research networks, technological platforms and other forums to exchange and develop knowledge and expertise in our fields of interest.

Our research agenda encompass three main areas:

  • Smart cities and integrated urban planning.

  • Transport and traffic modelling.

  • Sustainable energy systems.

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